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Barry Palte - Yoghurt Chain.

Major businesses both in Australia and overseas are familiar with the work of Barry Palte and his company, BlueMount Capital. This global leader is known worldwide as an investment and finance guru when it comes to innovation, technology and cross border growth. Barry Palte has dealt with many companies and ambitious managers and has established his own system of evaluating growing businesses, their growth prospects and how to manage the risks of growth.

Barry Palte carries out careful due diligence and research on investment opportunities to ensure that their investment potential is realized.

Recently, Barry Palte and BlueMount Capital have been working on the sale of the PinkBerry Frozen Yoghurt company, one of the global leaders in this industry.

The PinkBerry Frozen Yoghurt company has a big future as they have already gone global with 113 international locations in 19 countries. In addition, they have 160 domestic locations in the US. Thanks to the high quality of their product, this company has established itself as the leading brand in the industry.. The future plans for growth include store expansion, as well as market expansion to enter new international markets including China. The company has also secured a leading place in the industry by using only high-quality ingredients, fresh cut fruit, and their unique, innovative tart flavor.

PinkBerry has also had great media presence which was crucial for increasing the number of consumers and revenues. Thanks to extensive celebrity support, including Maria Sharapova, Katy Perry and David Beckham, and incorporation in Film hits like The Big Bang Theory and Change Up they have become world renowned and a sort of cult brand. A clear vision, good business plan and a capable team of managers and directors has resulted in the successful sale of PinkBerry by Barry Palte and BlueMount Capital, and their investment banking partners in the US FocalPoint Securities.





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Barry has 30 years experience in the areas of Technology Commercialisation, Investment, Investment Banking and Corporate Management. He has worked in a wide range of countries and cultures including Australia, China, USA, UK, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Dubai, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.Read more >>.

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